Domestic departure route Domestic departure route Domestic departure route

1.Check-in (boarding procedures)
After check-in time of departure in the 3F company counter, please proceed to the 2F of departure ports.
For checked baggage, deposits to the counter, please receive the exchange certificate.
Boarding procedure we ask that you will complete your time with ease.

2.Security check
Do the inspection of baggage to bring to the machine.
Details and about the conservation measures, for bringing possible baggage, please check the Security Guide page.

3.Boarding procedures
Please check the boarding gate described in boarding pass.
In the boarding gate, please boarding in accordance with the guidance of the airline attendant.
※ boarding gate are subject to change, I hope the procedure according to the hotel’s announcement.

Departure/  Wheelchair elevator

The floor guide that is distributed in the hotel also available in PDF format.