Guidance of parking discounted rates Guidance of parking discounted rates Guidance of parking discounted rates

Discount information

Accommodation discount Up to 24 hours, usually: 1,600 yen/day and medium-sized: 2,400 yen/day, Bike: 600 yen/day.
Day discount Among the business hours of the day (up to 18 hours), in the ordinary car parking fee of more than half 6 hours will be 1,600 yen.
Parking fee of more than 11 hours in medium-sized and motorcycles will be subject to discount.
Early morning discount ( Parking before 8 am ) Three-dimensional parking lot, up to 3 hours of 6 o’clock to 9 is 300 yen uniformly.
Late-night discount ( 3 hours between 21pm ~ 24pm ) 300 yen evenly between 6am ~ 9am
Typhoon discount Been issued a storm warning on the main island of Okinawa southern region, in the case of canceled or the like in the Naha Airport arrival and departure flight has occurred, we will typhoon discount.
Please contact the following for more details of the typhoon discount.
People with disabilities discount

Disability (physical disability, nursing notebook, mental patient health welfare notebook, battlefield injuries disease’s notebook, survivors Health Handbook) if you present the rates will be half price.
When a customer of available I will use a pre-payment machine, because it does not apply to people with disabilities discount, please use the parking exit toll gate.

Inquiries about parking

Naha Airport parking (Ltd.)

TEL 098-858-7626
※If you contact us by phone from outside the prefecture thank you to the above contact
Free dial 0120-950-234