Parking Parking Parking

Business hours

6:00 24:00 (18 hours)
※ If the arrival of aircraft was delayed, to extend the opening hours.


Accommodation number: 2,472 units

P1 Parking 621 units
P2 Parking 625 units
P3 Paring 1,226 units
  • P1 立体駐車場
  • P2 立体駐車場
  • P3 立体駐車場

※ 上記駐車場の混雑状況は、実際の混雑状況と若干の誤差がある場合がございます。余裕を持ったご予定をお立て下さい。

Parking price list

Standard-sized car

Within 30 minutes Free
30 minutes to 1 hour 300 yen
1 hour to 1.5 hour 450 yen
Every 30 minutes after 1.5 hour (up to 7.5h) 100 yen
7.5 hour to 24 hour 1,600 yen
Every increase of 24 hours 1,500 yen

Two-wheeled vehicle

Within 1 hour ( within 30 minutes is free) 100 yen
Every increase of 1 hour 50 yen
Up to 10 hours to 24 hours 600 yen
Every increase of 24 hours 300 yen

Mid-size car does not offer any parking. Please note.
In addition, inquiries about mid-size car available, please contact your contact details below.

Please note that parking P3 may be closed depending on usage rate. We kindly ask you for your understanding and cooperation. (Please use parking P1 or P2)

The Naha Airport Parking Management Regulations, leasing car rental at the hall, returned,
Other acts similar to these is prohibited.
As you look forward to your understanding and cooperation, thank you.