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You can search for scheduled flights flight schedule to use the Naha Airport.
Notation contents of this page is ordered and scheduled time.

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Monthly schedule Terms and Conditions
  1. In this page, we have displayed a regular passenger flights of the schedule, which is scheduled in advance.
    This schedule, which is posted on the page also available. Since the reservation are subject to change without notice, please contact us when you use to each airline.
  2. We do our best in order to ensure accurate information, but there are cases where flight information is changed due to a problem such as the equipment to be delayed or use. Information that is posted on this page, sometimes relies on information from the flight schedule and related organizations are provided by each airline, can not be held liable for the accuracy of all flight information. In advance on your note, information on this page, we hope that if you use as a guide.
  3. In this page, with regard to much more detailed information of flights change is that flights and relevant is to predict, we recommend that you to check directly with the airline that is not to the customer’s use.
  4. We do not assume any responsibility regarding any damage caused by that was not the flight information on this page for your use.

Terms and Conditions

  • Models of time and the boarding of arrival and departure is, due to weather or unavoidable circumstances, subject to change without notice, there is a case to be delayed or canceled.
  • Please contact each airline to confirm the latest flight status, ticket reservations, seat inquiries and fares.